Ben’s Favourites

Hey peeps, My name is Ben I love food, motorbikes and cars my dream car is a Nissan skyline GTR R34. What is your dream car? I also am a big fan of Kawasaki KX 110 , the best thing is KFC. yummy tasty its finger liking good just the succulent chicken and chips I […]


There are all different types of nissans and lots of amazing speeds nissans have been around sense 1872 the first creator of nissan was william gorham he created 5 of the best nissans like the skyline,silvia,gtr,370z,350z he was an amazing creator and i,m very greatful because nissans ROCK!

Insty Winsy Spider

Insy Winsy spider Insy winsy spider climbed up the guys leg The guy screamed and dropped his daughter named meg and pore little meg cracked her pore little head like an egg Crack as insy winsy spider climbs up the guys back Then that little spider just got a wack And then that will make […]